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Conscious Cities is a new field of research and practice focusing on people-centric environments that are aware and responsive – using data analysis, AI, technology, and cognitive science in design.

While a smart city focuses on improving efficiency of services, a conscious city applies new technology and behavioural insight into improving an experience and its mental and physiological effects. It is believed that conscious cities could alleviate ailments such as stress, anxiety and boredom by being sensitive to the pervading moods and personalities of people in different parts of the city.

The concept emerged out of ‘A Manifesto for Conscious Cities’, co-written by architect Itai Palti and neuroscientist Prof. Moshe Bar in 2015. It was quickly followed by the first conscious cities conference in London, organised by the Museum of Architecture and The Cube.

Our events and publications aim to encourage novel methods of observation, drivers for design, methodologies for the production of space, and changes in policy and governance.
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