Mental Health First Aid England

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England is a community interest company and was established in 2009 after being successfully piloted within the Department of Health. MHFA England provides mental health awareness training and consultancy for a wide variety of organisations, businesses and communities – with the primary aim of increasing the population’s mental health literacy and reducing the stigma often associated with mental ill health.

The company facilitates and delivers a number of mental health first-aid courses, including Youth MHFA, Higher Education MHFA, Workplace MHFA and Armed Forces MHFA. Each course teaches the mental health equivalent of physical first aid, tailored to the particular audience. MHFA England continually quality assures its training products and applies a robust quality assurance process to the MHFA instructors.

Our mental health first-aiders learn how to spot the signs of a wide range of common mental health issues in themselves and others around them. They are taught how to provide help and reassurance on a first-aid basis and effectively guide the person towards the right support services. To date, more than 194,000 people in England are MHFA-trained.
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Poppy Jaman
Chief executive officer
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