Cathy Russell

Having led Ryder’s placemaking workgroup, I am involved in research across the practice focusing on how placemaking affects health and wellbeing. Collaborating with PhD researchers and organisations such as Sustrans, I am investigating the benefits of ‘active travel’ and the barriers and opportunities around integrating micro-mobility into neighbourhood and city design. I have authored and co-authored articles on Placemaking and Wellbeing, Spatial Inequalities in Health and Wellbeing, Placemaking and Walkability, Planning and Designing for Micromobility, and Urban Design and Mental Health and am also researching Future Housing and Communities standards and high street reinvention. Leading on placemaking projects, I am keen to integrate this research into neighbourhood, town centre, and city centre masterplans to better facilitate sustainable multi-modal integration. I believe that our continued dependence on the private car for everyday journeys is unsustainable from both an environmental and public health perspective, and I am committed to designing and creating more active and healthier communities. Delivering this vision requires a cultural shift, changes in people’s behaviour and changes in the physical infrastructure to support this. This is a cross-discipline issue and something we must work collaboratively on to achieve, with partners from the transport, landscape, planning, and health sectors. I am a Recognised Practitioner in Urban Design, RTPI Assoc., member of Urbanistas North East, and have contributed to community based urban design initiatives through Northern Architecture’s Young Urbanists and Planning Aid, as well as human centred design and research for AzuKo, an architectural charity.