Dan Burden

Dan Burden is the modern Johnny Appleseed of pedestrian and bicycle design. He has been traversing America as the premier presenter, facilitator, and documentarian of transformation in cities and towns since 1996. His generosity, wit, and dedication have set the standard for an entire generation of consultants and community leaders. He is Executive Director of Walkable Communities, Inc. and Principal at Glatting Jackson.

Dan Burden is a nationally recognized authority on bicycle and pedestrian facilities and programs, street corridor and intersection design, traffic flow and calming, and other design and planning elements that affect roadway environments. He has had 25 years of experience in developing, promoting and evaluating alternative transportation facilities, traffic calming practices and sustainable community design. He served for 16 years as Florida DOT’s State Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, and he presently works as Executive Director of Walkable Communities, Inc., a non-profit corporation helping North America develop walkable communities.