Elio Trusiani

Associate Professor in Urban Planning at School of Architecture and Design “E. Vittoria”/University of Camerino (Italy); Lecturer at Post Graduate Specialisation School of “Heritage and Landscape” of Sapienza University of Rome. Main fields of research: A) tools and methods for urban renovation/regeneration in national and international contexts (emerging countries and countries with limited resources); B) landscape planning and cultural heritage C) Healthy City. Visiting professor in many international universities, he was scientific coordinator of national and international research program (UE_ CIUDAD Program “ Rome Kiev Moskow_RKM_Save Urban Heritage”, UE Program MED_Otremed, UE_INTERREG Program “Eurocapes”, etc) for public and private bodies. From 2012 to 2014 he was director of "Center of Planning Viable Sustainability with Emerging Regions", Department of Planning_Design_Technology of Architecture, Sapienza University of Rome. Main last publications are: D’Onofrio R., Trusiani E. (2018), “Strategies and Actions to recover the Landscape after Flooding. The case of Vernazza in the Cinque Terre National Park (Italy)”, Sustainability 2018, 10, 742; E. Trusiani (2018). Healthy Cities and Urban Planning: the QLandQLife Model as Input for Experimentation. In: E. Trusiani. (a cura di): R.Cocci Grifoni R.D'Onofrio M.Sargolini -, Quality life in urban landscapes. In search of a decision support system. p. 319-326, Cham:Springer International Publishing; R. D’ Onofrio, E. Trusiani (2018), “Urban Planning for Healthy European Cities” ,Springer Brief ; Camaioni C.; D'Onofrio R.; Odoguardi, I.; Trusiani E. (2018), “Towards healthy urban design in a rationalist neighbourhood: a research methodology for the Monticelli quarter in Ascoli Piceno, Italy”,in WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment. Sustainable Development and Planning 2018;Volume 217,2018, Wit Press; Camaioni, C., D'onofrio, R. Pellegrino, P. Stimilli, F., Trusiani, E (2018), Health and urban planning. Attempts at disciplinary integration and innovation, AMPS Proceedings series 11, University of the West of England; D'Onofrio R., Trusiani E.(2017), “Future Uncertainty and the Adaptability/Reversibility of Planning Choices on Different Scales: Dutch and Italian Experiences”. Urbanistica, vol. 157. Actually he is involved as investigator in Research Program FAR 2018- University of Camerino, “Climate change and urban health resilience- CCUHRE”, in “Joint_SECAP. Joint strategies for Climate Change Adaptation in coastal areas”, Interreg Italy-Croatia Program, 2014-2020.