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Investing in urban renewal and health equity

By SALUS User Experience Team 19 Dec 2023 0

Impact investing — investing with intentionality for people and the planet — is a mega-trend within financial markets.


What was only recently a market in the billions, is now in the trillions. Many see it as one of the world’s most credible tools for addressing global cities’ great challenges around renewal and regeneration. What these challenges need are innovation and ambition — resources that capital markets have the capacity to provide at the speed and scale required.

At the same time, institutional capital has often been seen as too far apart from issues of health equity. Can impact investing really be a part of the solution?

In this keynote, Kieron Boyle, chief executive of the Impact Investing Institute, will explore practical examples of how institutional investors are partnering with places to support socially inclusive and sustainable growth. He will highlight both the challenges and opportunities of investing in urban health equity, and the varied role required of governments, businesses, civic society and communities in creating healthier cities.

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